Work and Limited Licences

Disqualified or about to be? Defeated by demerit points? Get back on the road A.S.A.P. with fast friendly service.

What is a Limited Licence?

A limited licence (often referred to as a 'work licence') is a driver's licence that allows a disqualified person to drive most typically for the purpose of their work. As the name suggests it is more limited in its usability than a full drivers licence.

Am I eligible?

Not everyone can apply for a limited licence. There are three sorts of problems that we consider in a limited licence case:

1: The gateway conditions - you need to be able to answer "yes" to at least one of these two questions:

a)  If I don't get a limited licence will I suffer extreme hardship?

Extreme hardship is typically job loss and with it loss of your income and eventually your house. That you would suffer inconvenience in not being able to drive is not enough. So if you can easily carry on in your job without being able to drive, then we're sorry but yours is not a good case to take to court.

But we usually manage to find hardship for our clients that can be characterised as extreme.

b)  If I don't get a limited licence will some other person or some other people suffer undue hardship?

Undue hardship typically means serious financial hardship. (Once again inconvenience is not enough).

Maybe your employer will not be able to replace you and his business will suffer seriously or your children will suffer financial hardship because you won't be able to provide for them - that's all undue hardship.

Personal and not solely financial hardships can sometimes be used here. For example Patrick has succeeded in getting limited licences that allow clients to drive children about for particular purposes.

2: "Public safety" issues

This is all about whether the police think that you will be safe behind the wheel if you do get a limited licence. What endangers public safety is a highly uncertain question and views vary widely amongst police sergeants. What will provoke an objection on the part of the police depends on your previous convictions, what sort of period they're within, you're area of the country, the day of the week and such other scientific factors. Call us for an assessment of your situation.

3: Other eligibility issues

There are other complicated factors that may upset a limited licence application. These typically arise with people who have had previous disqualifications. If you've just been disqualified for a first drink drive offence - don't worry these issues won't come up.

Call us for an assessment of your particular situation - obligation free on (09) 575 5111.

The 28-day stand down

If you've been disqualified on a "serious" traffic offence - namely drink driving and similar road hazard type offences (which typically carry at least 6 months disqualification) - then sorry but the law says that we can't get you a limited licence until the first 28 days of the disqualification are over.

Great news - no stand down in some cases

With a demerit point suspension or a disqualification for careless use you don't need to wait 28 days - you can apply for a limited licence immediately.

Supposing I am eligible - what happens then?

We can custom build a limited licence that suits your needs. An expert draftsman in the Activelegal team will compose a number of documents which will be filed with the court. The only thing that we require from you is particular personal information and you're attendance at court - but don't worry, we do all the talking.

And what are you're chances? Again consult us. But, here's an indication. We have succeeded in getting a limited licence for a client convicted (in the hands of another lawyer) on a fifth drink drive with a previous conviction within the last five years - and who was on a suspended jail term for the most recent conviction! We hope that gives you hope.

Demerit Point Suspensions and Limited Licences

If you believe that you will soon be served with a demerit point suspension notice (consequent on getting 100 demerit points or more within a two-year period) then don't wait - call us now. We can have the limited licence application ready to go before the notice is served. That's important because once you're served the notice you won't be able to drive from that moment. There is a popular misconception that you have to wait a month before you can apply for a limited licence where you've been suspended on demerit points. Not so! We have put people back on the road the same day or the day after service of the notice.

Full licence restoration

Some disqualified people can apply for something better than a limited licence - namely their whole licence back. Once more - Call now!

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